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  1. Hi my name is Susan and I make jewellery for Weddings, Special Occasions and every day wear.  My website is and New Seaglass Jewellery Just Added To LISU Wedding and Handmade Jewellery Website if you want to have a look.  I will be showing you some of my new items of seaglass jewellery in this blog post.

    This first one is a pair of blue wirewrapped seaglass earrings.

    Blue Seaglass Earrings

     I am still working on my photos but these earrings are a lovely colour of blue.

    This next one is one of two new seaglass bracelets that I have just made and this one is a blue tones wirewrapped seaglass charm bracelet.  It is mostly blue wirewrapped seaglass  but there are some turquoise wirewrapped seaglass in the bracelet too which is why I have called the bracelet blue tones.

    Wirewrapped Bue Seaglass Bracelet


    This next wirewrapped seaglass charm bracelet consists of green tones seaglass wirewrapped charms but these seaglass charms are a bit bigger than the blue tones seaglass charm bracelet.

    Wirewrapped Green Seaglass Bracelet


    I love seaglass and I love to wirewrap seaglass as I think the wire makes my jewellery really special.  I have not made myself a wirewrapped seaglass bracelet yet but I do have some seaglass wirewrapped earrings with matching wirewapped seaglass pendants.

    I am in the process of making more new jewellery and it will be on my website soon.

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    Please leave a comment below telling me what you think of my new seaglass earrings and bracelets.

    Thank you for reading my blog.

  2. Hi my name is Susan and I make handmade jewellery for Weddings, Special Occasions and every day wear. This is my blog on my website. I have been very busy for the past couple of months with making more different jewellery pieces, updating my photos on my website and there are still a lot more of new jewellery pieces to come.

    Today I am going to tell you about my SUMMER SALE which is on for the whole of July and you are getting 30% off everything you buy from my website and also my Etsy shop. I have not had a Summer Sale for this length of time before but I thought I would try this and see what happens.

    This is one of my new seaglass pendant necklaces. It is a dark green piece of seaglass with a sterling silver leaf bail and a silver plated link chain necklace.

    Dark Green Seaglass Pendant


    This next one is also one of my new seaglass pendant necklaces. It is a wirewrapped pale blue piece of seaglass with a copper bail and wirewrapped with copper wire.  It is on a double strand of blue leather necklace and I think this one is really lovely as blue is my favourite colour.

    Pale Blue Seaglass Wirewrapped Pendant


    This next one is a new hematite seahorse pendant with a copper bail on a rose gold plated chain.  I love hematite and think this seahorse pendant is lovely. I have made a couple of different hematite seahorse pendants but I am only going to show you this one. You can see the rest of them in the pendants section on my website.

    Hematite Seahorse Pendant


    This last one is a Swaraovski Crystal Key blue pearls and blue crystals elasticated charm bracelet.  It looks very classy and is of course my favourite colour. I have made myself a similar bracelet to this with a lighter blue key.

    Swarovski Crystal Key Blue Bracelet


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    Thank you for reading my blog.  Please leave a comment below if you wish to leave a comment.