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  1. Today I am going to tell  you why I love blogging.

    1. First of all I can update and share with you any new jewellery that I have made or I am planning to make and any sales or discounts that are coming up. You can use discount code CHRISTMAS20 from now until the middle of January 2019 to get 20% off any purchase on my website. I am taking part in the #CRAFTfest Christmas Village this year through the ProCraftersGuild and the discount code is to do with #CRAFTfest too. My shop in the Christmas Village links to my website and this is my shop in the #CRAFTfest Christmas Village. I am on Silverbell Road and also Tinsel Street in the village.

    CRAFTfest LISU Wedding and Handmade Jewellery


    The link to the #CRAFTfest Christmas Village where you can find all the sellers is

    These Christmas tree charm earrings  are a recent addition to my Christmas Collection.

    Christmas Tree Earrings


    This next recent addition is a red rhinestone heart pendant necklace and bracelet set also part of the Christmas Collection.

    Red rhinestone heart pendant set


    2. My blog helps me to connect with you all and hopefully reach a large audience.

    3.  My blog allows me to be part of the blogging community.  There are lots of bloggers out there blogging about what they are interested in and there are lots of fantastic blogs out there for us to read.

    4.  I joined Bloglovin a while ago and my blog posts get published on there too. There are so many different subjects that bloggers are writing about you are bound to find something that interests you.  You can sign up with an email address and get any blog that you are interested in sent to your inbox when a new one has been written.   You can also follow any person or blog on Bloglovin.

    5. I enjoy writing and telling you all what I have been doing and also what my interests are.  I love reading a good book and have my favourite authors which I will share with you when I do a book review.  I am always on the lookout for new authors and reading their books. I also love watching a good film and I will share my favourite films with you when I do a film review.

    6I am aiming to do a blog post every week but sometimes it will be nearer two weeks depending on what I am going to write about plus time just disappears so quickly.

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  2. Today I am going to tell you about Two of My Favourite Authors:  Angela Marsons and Jane Casey whose books I LOVE to read.

    My first new favourite author is Angela Marsons who I found by looking for books on Amazon just before Christmas last year.  I read her first book called "Silent Scream" which is the first book in a series about Detective Inspector Kim Stone. I could not put this book down either when I was reading it.  This series of books are crime thrillers too and do make interesting reading. I went on to read the rest of this series and I have now read all of this series of books including the most recent one which is called Fatal Promise.

    Fatal Promise

    This one is very gripping too and I could not put it down until I had read it. I would heartily recommend this book for you to read. You can also buy these books to read on Kindle. I have not tried Kindle as I love reading an actual book and there is nothing to beat reading a book and getting yourself immersed in the story and turning the page you are reading to the next one.

    Angela Marsons also has a Facebook page at

    You can also search for her on Amazon.

    My second new favourite author I am going to tell you about is Jane Casey who I found out about last year when I read her book "Let The DeadSpeak" which is number 7 in her series about Maeve Kerrigan who is a detective and this series of books are crime thrillers.  I was on holiday in Canterbury and was in Waterstones Bookshop when I came across this book and I just had to buy it.   It is a detective murder mystery.  I enjoyed it so much that when I came home I ordered the rest of this series of books from Amazon

    I love Waterstones Bookshop and I always visit this shop when visiting Canterbury but I also order lots of books from Amazon as well.   Once I find a new author that I like I will read all of their books and will pre-order their new books if there are any new ones coming out.

    I also bought three more of Jane Casey's books about Jess Tennant and these are also crime thrillers.  The first one is this series is called "How to Fall". I have read all three of the Jess Tennant books and these are very good too.  I did not want to put them down as I was reading them.

    I am now up to date with reading all of the Maeve Kerrigan series of books and also the Jess Tennant series of books by Jane Casey.  You can also buy these books for Kindle. Jane Casey has a new book called "Cruel Acts" which is due to be released in April 2019.  You can preorder this book on Amazon which is what I will be doing.

    If you are interested in reading any of Jane Casey's books she has a Facebook page at

    You can also search for her on Amazon.

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